Can abstract art be decoded?

Abstract art can be fantastic or dreadful depending on whether we understand it or not. It is easy to understand classical art, realism, impressionism, and even postmodernism, but abstractionism definitely requires a different approach to appreciation. In fact, there is no way we can understand abstract art – the artist themselves does not always put some meaning in the picture. Instead, we shall feel the art emotionally without thinking what it is supposed to mean.
The value of abstract art lies in colors and shapes depicted on canvas. The style can be simplistic or very sophisticated. Not every piece of abstract art looks as if it was painted by a five-year-old. Some paintings have a complex technique, and one can admire a mere brushwork for a long time. The mix of colors is another thing that can fascinate us. Color can evoke strong emotions even if we have no clue of what is in this picture. Some paintings we can understand only with our emotions and intuition.

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Impressionism: A simple art or art for the simple

Paintings of Courbet, Monet, Renoir, and other impressionists are the heritage of art. However, they did not captivate the public from the first exhibition. Paintings of impressionists were so much unlike the classical paintings of the 19th century that galleries refused to place them alongside the traditional pieces of art. But still, the first exhibition of the impressionist art compelled the audience with its extraordinary beauty.
The simplicity of technique made the pictures of impressionists so outstanding. The brushwork was not as polished as that of classical paintings and the plots in the pictures were much more realistic. The paintings were distinct with their pure bright colors and amateur-like style. Impressionists depicted rural scenery in the first place that also differentiated them from elevated motives of classicists.
Impressionists paid a great attention to capturing the moment. A passing momentary impression was the only true thing to Monet and Renoir. A slipping facet, an impression created the movement that started realism in art.

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What are long-term effects of video games playing addiction?

Video game addiction is a common compulsive disorder in the digital age. Though not registered officially, addiction to video games cuts life opportunities for gamers and brings much discomfort to people around them. Playing games for weeks and months, people miss major life events that could have happened in the meanwhile. They miss the ordinary life everyone else has including education, work, socialization, private matters etc.
In a short-term perspective, symptoms of online addiction are reversible. Fatigue, aggression or indifference, headaches, problems with personal hygiene – all these problems go away once the person starts living offline. Long-term effects are irreversible. The time lost on gaming will not come back, and some physical changes, like obesity, are difficult to get rid of.
There are so many people playing video games, but not each of them develops an addiction. One of the major factors causing online addiction is a lack of responsibility. People occupied with their education, work, or family life would not allow themselves to spend so much time gaming. Self-discipline plays a great role in preventing gaming addiction.

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How does free music downloading affect the artist?

Napster and other tune-sharing services made a mess out of music industry in the early 2000s. Practically everyone aimed to download albums for free, copy it, and share with peers. Internet users were quite fond of music available for free, unlike labels and artists. The latter bore losses as their sales decreased by a half.
When times became hard for music producers, artists suffered much more than labels. While the latter made it by cutting employees, singers had to pay more for recording, distributing, and promoting their music. In a while, it became available to sell singles online, which made it easier for artists to distribute music. However, selling music is not a very lucrative option yet.
Illegal downloading is a clear damage to both artists and labels, but reversing internet piracy is as hard as reversing a climate change. Today artists make most of their money from tours and promotional offers.

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Effects of eating only vegetarian food

Being a vegetarian is an all-around positive experience. Vegetarians closely monitor where their food comes from and avoid red meat with its saturated fat and cholesterol. Vegetarian diet protects them from cancer, stroke, and diabetes. Vegetarians effectively escape obesity because they choose unsaturated fats of plant origin and stay away from trans fats and sugary drinks.
Refusing from meat, fish, dairy, and eggs, vegans put themselves at risk. These products supply sufficient amount of protein, iron, zinc, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acid. Being strict vegans, people shall correct their diets to compensate the lack of these elements. They usually stick to beans, legumes, algae supplements, and nuts to prevent the deficiency of essential nutrients.
On average, vegetarian diet has more advantages than disadvantages. Vegetarians refuse not only from animal food but also from all the processed products and sugary drinks that make us fat. They pick products to their table more carefully and better listen to their body.

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Write 5 paragraph essay

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Term paper topics

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Research topics ideas

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Purchase homework

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Persuasive essay topics

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