What are long-term effects of video games playing addiction?

Video game addiction is a common compulsive disorder in the digital age. Though not registered officially, addiction to video games cuts life opportunities for gamers and brings much discomfort to people around them. Playing games for weeks and months, people miss major life events that could have happened in the meanwhile. They miss the ordinary life everyone else has including education, work, socialization, private matters etc.
In a short-term perspective, symptoms of online addiction are reversible. Fatigue, aggression or indifference, headaches, problems with personal hygiene – all these problems go away once the person starts living offline. Long-term effects are irreversible. The time lost on gaming will not come back, and some physical changes, like obesity, are difficult to get rid of.
There are so many people playing video games, but not each of them develops an addiction. One of the major factors causing online addiction is a lack of responsibility. People occupied with their education, work, or family life would not allow themselves to spend so much time gaming. Self-discipline plays a great role in preventing gaming addiction.

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