Impressionism: A simple art or art for the simple

Paintings of Courbet, Monet, Renoir, and other impressionists are the heritage of art. However, they did not captivate the public from the first exhibition. Paintings of impressionists were so much unlike the classical paintings of the 19th century that galleries refused to place them alongside the traditional pieces of art. But still, the first exhibition of the impressionist art compelled the audience with its extraordinary beauty.
The simplicity of technique made the pictures of impressionists so outstanding. The brushwork was not as polished as that of classical paintings and the plots in the pictures were much more realistic. The paintings were distinct with their pure bright colors and amateur-like style. Impressionists depicted rural scenery in the first place that also differentiated them from elevated motives of classicists.
Impressionists paid a great attention to capturing the moment. A passing momentary impression was the only true thing to Monet and Renoir. A slipping facet, an impression created the movement that started realism in art.

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