Effects of eating only vegetarian food

Being a vegetarian is an all-around positive experience. Vegetarians closely monitor where their food comes from and avoid red meat with its saturated fat and cholesterol. Vegetarian diet protects them from cancer, stroke, and diabetes. Vegetarians effectively escape obesity because they choose unsaturated fats of plant origin and stay away from trans fats and sugary drinks.
Refusing from meat, fish, dairy, and eggs, vegans put themselves at risk. These products supply sufficient amount of protein, iron, zinc, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acid. Being strict vegans, people shall correct their diets to compensate the lack of these elements. They usually stick to beans, legumes, algae supplements, and nuts to prevent the deficiency of essential nutrients.
On average, vegetarian diet has more advantages than disadvantages. Vegetarians refuse not only from animal food but also from all the processed products and sugary drinks that make us fat. They pick products to their table more carefully and better listen to their body.

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