Can abstract art be decoded?

Abstract art can be fantastic or dreadful depending on whether we understand it or not. It is easy to understand classical art, realism, impressionism, and even postmodernism, but abstractionism definitely requires a different approach to appreciation. In fact, there is no way we can understand abstract art – the artist themselves does not always put some meaning in the picture. Instead, we shall feel the art emotionally without thinking what it is supposed to mean.
The value of abstract art lies in colors and shapes depicted on canvas. The style can be simplistic or very sophisticated. Not every piece of abstract art looks as if it was painted by a five-year-old. Some paintings have a complex technique, and one can admire a mere brushwork for a long time. The mix of colors is another thing that can fascinate us. Color can evoke strong emotions even if we have no clue of what is in this picture. Some paintings we can understand only with our emotions and intuition.

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